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Homeowner Disclaimer:

We at Stewart & Stewart Landscaping would like to congratulate you on your new home. It is our mission to provide you with a landscape that will enhance the exterior beauty of your home. For your information there are a few guidelines we would like to clarify before meeting with our staff. You will be informed, upon your initial consultation, of your budget or package plan. You can then suggest some of your likes and dislikes, ideas, type of mulch, trees, etc… We will create a sketch plan and a plant list with a signature sheet to verify your approval of the plan. (This plan is not drawn to scale; each symbol represents an approximate location. If the homeowner desires an exact location of tree material, it is his/her responsibility to mark the location prior to installation. Stewart & Stewart Landscaping will only move tree or palm material for an additional charge after the plan has been approved and installed.)

Certain clients desire palm trees and tropical plants for their landscape. We will install palms once the county tree requirements have been met. You may not substitute palm trees for hardwood trees in your package unless you have adequate tree credits for your lot. This information may be obtained from your builder’s supervisor. Tropicals are considered non-cold hardy tree or plant material and will not be under warrantee after the installation. We will inform you of any material that will not withstand freezing temperatures. The availability of certain plant material from the growers may vary during seasonal periods. Sizes and shapes of plant and tree material may change as the availability changes. We strive to use “perennial” and “evergreen” plant material, which is usually available year round. If the homeowner requires additional material that exceeds the budget or package plan, the excess will be termed, “the overage amount”. This amount will be due prior to the installation or through the builder, depending on your building contractor. All overage amounts must be approved by the homeowner’s signature. It is our wish to create a landscape that will flourish and provide you with years of beauty for your home. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



Stewart & Stewart Landscaping stands behind all products used in our installations. With proper care and maintenance, your irrigation system, sod, trees and shrubs should thrive.

IRRIGATION - Your fully automatic irrigation system is guaranteed for a period of one year. However, any modifications to the system such as adding a well will void the warranty. You may receive one complimentary head adjustment. Any service call involving a non warranty item will incur a $75.00 an hour charge. Items such as broken heads from vehicles or mowers are not considered a warranty issue. Before calling for a service due to your system not turning on, always check your rain gauge and power source. As your shrubs grow, your risers will need to be extended. This is not a warranty service. Refer to the ‘Irrigation’ page on this site for head adjustments and clock maintenance.

TREES AND SHRUBS - Your trees and shrubs are covered within your builder’s warranty. After the initial landscape installation, your builder monitors the irrigation and plant material. Once the home ownership is established, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to notify the builder of any evidence of distressed, leaning or improperly installed material. It is important that we receive a warranty request from the builder while the tree or plant is still alive with foliage so that we have the opportunity to diagnose and hopefully correct the problem.

Some of the items not covered under warranty are:

  • Decease and pest infestation.
  • Chemical or fertilizer burn.
  • Over or under watering.
  • Neglect or improper maintenance.

In case of decease and pest infestation, these are environmental factors beyond our control. The homeowner should be aware it is his/her responsibility to maintain their landscape. Failure to do so will void the warranty.