Our well-trained experts know how to keep your property healthy and beautiful through sustainable practices.

By allowing a team of professionals like Stewart & Stewart to maintain your residential landscaping, you can be sure that your lawn, plants and flowers will stay healthy, regardless of the season.
Our customers experience:

  • Professional, friendly consulting session as the first step in identifying your specific needs and how to best meet those needs.
  • Creative landscape designs that are easy to understand, get you involved in the process, and reflect your individual taste and personal style.
  • Installation by experienced highly trained personnel using the best quality plants and materials available. We pride ourselves in our skills and knowledge of the proper and correct methods of installing plant materials, water features and associated accessories.
  • Once the installation is completed to your satisfaction, we will provide tips and suggestions for ongoing maintenance and recommendations for seasonal care.

We proudly stand behind all the products and workmanship used in our installations. Our success is dependent on the satisfaction of our customers. We partner with home-owners to ensure a finished product that is delivered on time and on budget.

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The Benefits of Professional Landscape Design & Maintenance Services

If you maintain your own lawn, you probably spend your weekends raking leaves, mowing the lawn, and trimming your shrubs and plants. Needless to say, a gorgeous green residential landscape in North Florida requires commitment to maintenance and care all year-round. This usually means dedicating a huge chunk of your time to yard work most weekends.

It may be time to hire an experienced and professional landscape maintenance company in Jacksonville, Florida like Stewart & Stewart Landscaping. If you have never worked with a professional landscape maintenance company, you most likely have questions about the costs and available services. Here are some of the things that you should consider when learning more about Stewart & Stewart Landscaping.

How much do basic landscape design and maintenance services cost?

The cost will vary and would largely depend on the services you choose and the size of your property.

Can we help with my other landscaping needs?

A full-service, licensed landscaping company like Stewart & Stewart, can definitely help you with a lot of your lawn projects and needs, going beyond basic maintenance and care. Outfitted with an experienced team and professional knowledge of North Florida, a certified landscaping company, like Stewart & Stewart can create great outdoor features and an entirely new landscape to enhance the beauty of your home.

Do we offer organic lawn care?

Today, a lot of homeowners are actively interested in organic landscape and garden care, giving them a healthy, sustainable landscape that is chemical-free. When choosing Stewart and Stewart, you'll have a reputable company that offers organic landscape maintenance services working for you. Organic landscaping is a wonderful way of caring for your garden with organic, natural treatments and solutions. It encourages a healthy green turf and strong root growth minus the toxic chemicals. Using organic compounds will help establish a natural ecosystem that prevents weed growth, improves the soil, and discourages lawn diseases.

The benefits of professional landscape design and maintenance in the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida area.

Discover Stewart & Stewarts expert care and professional experience – A gorgeous green landscape is not only demanding of your time and effort, it also requires expert knowledge about different growth patterns, plant varieties, kinds of grass and soil, using the right equipment and products, and proper pruning schedules. A licensed, full-service landscaping company like Stewart & Stewart has years of experience in landscape architecture and horticulture, so they are well-versed in proper garden care and maintenance, in the North Florida area.

By allowing a team of professionals like Stewart & Stewart to maintain your residential landscaping, you can be sure that your plants and flowers will stay healthy, and look amazing, regardless of the season.

A cost-effective solution – With a professional’s help, you budget regular visits throughout the year versus continuously shelling out cash into your residential landscape for actions that may not be effective.

Preserves your landscape – You may not always know the most effective ways to preserve your landscape. In fact, a lot of home-owners in North Florida aerate incorrectly, prune their trees too close, or overwater. These seemingly minor mistakes can have a huge impact to your landscape’s beauty and overall health... never mind your pocket book. The professionals at Stewart & Stewart know where to strike the perfect balance in terms of services like pruning, watering and aeration, ensuring the health and beauty of your Florida landscape.

Control troublesome plants and invasive weeds – Regular maintenance of your residential lawn will also allow you to manage weeds effectively, which may otherwise damage your landscape. Watering, trimming, and maintaining trees and plants around your landscape is also a great way to prevent them from becoming disruptive or unruly to other parts of your garden as they continue to grow. North Florida is notorious for it's aggressive weeds, but the experts at Stewart & Stewart have over 30 years of experience keep them under control. Let them do the same for you and your home.

Saves time – Running a home or a business demands a lot of effort. There are times when you simply don’t have the energy to push a lawn mower. When you work with a professional company like Stewart & Stewart, you don’t need to sacrifice time and effort that you dedicate to more important things to keep your outdoor living space looking great.

Maintain your home’s curb appeal – Keeping a beautiful Florida landscape definitely adds to your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are entertaining guests for a special occasion or are looking to sell your house, healthy plants, grass, and flowers are a great way to keep your lawn looking bright and colorful all year long.

When you work with Stewart & Stewart Landscaping in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, you are bringing your vision to life with a team of professionals who are deeply committed to beautifying your outdoor living space. From proactive water management to corrective pruning and soil health, our well-trained experts know how to keep your property healthy and beautiful through sustainable practices.

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